Do you want to sell your meteorites?

Sales program with guarantees.

GEOCOLECCION & ADARA Meteorites Lab can help you to sell your authentic meteorites.  

Trust is the primary factor in selling meteorites. They are pieces of high value, and therefore there must be a guarantee and a good relationship with collectors and sellers. For this reason, we offer our services as mediators to help you sell your meteorites. Nobody invests a large amount of money if the parts do not have a guarantee, nor do they leave their money in unknown hands. For this reason, from our position as an accredited laboratory, we offer our mediation services. A safe and reliable way to sell your meteorites. There are some conditions for this service.

Service's conditions

1) Only authentic meteorites are accepted for sale. If your meteorite does not have a certificate of authenticity or supporting documentation, it will not be accepted in this agreement. Only authentic meteorites may be sold. If fraud or false documentation is discovered, and items that are not meteorites, they will be automatically discarded and the owner will not be able to deal with us again. Contact us if you need to make analysis previously. 

2) The laboratory will appraise the specimen according to current average market prices, their conservation state, the curation history, documentation, etc. The meteorite will be put up for sale on platforms such as GeoColeccion, eBay, Facebook, as well as direct sales with collectors and institutions (Museums and Universities).

3) The meteorites offered for sale must be sent to our laboratory, from where sales and payments will be processed, once the meteorites are in the laboratory. We do not sell parts that are not in this laboratory. The shipments will be made directly to the buyer, prior payment, and upon receipt of the rocks, payment will be made to the seller.

4) The seller will receive the amount of the sale, after discounting the shipping costs, and the sales commission of the laboratory, which will be 20%.

5) The seller must have a PayPal account to receive sales payments. Bank account is not valid. Only PayPal. 

How long does it take to sell the meteorite?

This is not possible to know. As soon as it is received and verified, it will be put up for sale, and we will give the links to the seller, then we will have to wait an indefinite time waiting for the sale to take place. This lab will actively promote items so that they have maximum impact on collectors.

When a sale is made, the meteorite will be sent to the buyer, and once the buyer has received it, the seller will receive the corresponding payment, not before.


The commission of this laboratory for the sale of meteorites will be 20% on the sale price.

The seller will receive the corresponding payment after deduction of the commission and the shipping costs of the meteorite sold to the buyer.

The seller must have a PayPal account to receive their payments.  Get your PayPal account at:

Sales time, Returnig policy.

No store knows when their products will be sold, neither do we, nor do we know if they will. Therefore, it is important to define the following terms that are part of the contract.

Sale time.

The meteorites received for sale will be exposed for a minimum time of 6 months, extendable for subsequent periods of 6 months.

Returning meteorites.

Once the period of time without the sale has ended, if the seller wants to recover the piece, he must pay the shipping costs of returning they for recovery.

Meteorites Documentation.

Along with the meteorite for sale, you must send the documentation that you have validating its authenticity, which will be checked and validated prior to the sale.

Acceptance of Conditions.

It is mandatory for the seller to accept all the terms of the contract that will be sent to him in a contract, to print it out and return it completed and signed. ASK FOR YOUR CONTACT. 

Contact us for more information.


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