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The search for meteorites has become a lucrative activity, a livelihood for many people. More and more strange rocks are being discovered in deserts, but only 1% of them are meteorites. The key to discovering them and enjoying their benefits is in the laboratory, and we are here to help you. 

Sahara, Atacama, Oman, and other great deserts have become repositories of valuable meteorites waiting to be discovered.

Prepare your samples for the laboratory, and we will discover the secrets they contain. Because the key to knowing its value is in the laboratory microscopes. This is your page, welcome!

Do you believe you're find a meteorite?

Meteorites identification requires the performance of analyses on physical samples of the rock. Therefore, to adequately identify samples found of possible meteorites, it will be necessary to extract a fragment (at least 20 grams) and send it to the laboratory for analysis.

For this reason, on this page we leave you some basic instructions to access the laboratory service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

The Petrographic Laboratory works on the supposed meteorites thin section elaboration, as well as authentic meteorites for their official classification or certification, and other geological materials (rocks, lavas, fossils, etc.) for your personal collection, whether you are a collector private, as a student or technician.

We offer a petrographic service for professionals, students and neophytes in the geological sciences.

Do not doubt that the best ally in the search for meteorites is the laboratory. In it all doubts are resolved, and that is that meteorites are rocks different from those of our planet, they speak their own language, and therefore they need to be analysed to identify their nature.

Many meteorites are very similar to terrestrial rocks, which makes them very difficult to identify with the naked eye.

WE DO NOT WORK ON THE IDENTIFICATION OF TERRESTRIAL MATERIALS. If the sample is NOT a meteorite, our services go no further.

All the information on the fees, procedures, how to extract the samples, how they should be, how and where they should be sent, discounts, etc, can be found in this web page. Anyway, if you need some extra information, do not hesitate to contact us.  We are so proud to attend your request. 

Our technical team is at your service to offer you all the information and advice you need. Feel free to contact us. We work with research centers of recognized international prestige, both European and American.

Petrography & Certification

We also offer a comprehensive service for the production of thin sections of materials for research, education and outreach.

Conservation and recovery of specimens in danger of deterioration, appraisal of the value of meteorites and museum advisory services in exhibitions and samples.

We have carried out the official classification of new meteorites and their registration in The Meteoritical Bulletin. Consult us the conditions required to carry out a procedure of this nature, the rates and other information, without any commitment.

At Geo Collection we have been working for the complete satisfaction of our customers since 2020 (previously since 2014).


Contact us to expand information on any of our services and request a quote without commitment.

Thin Sectioning

Elaboration of thin sections for petrography, of rocks, fossils and meteorites. batch discounts. CLICK HERE.


Petrographic analysis of rock samples, meteorites and suspect samples owned by the client. 

Meteorites Certification

Analysis and Certification of meteorites and suspicious samples of the client.

Official Classification

Registration in The Meteoritical Bulletin of new meteorites found by our clients. CLICK HERE.

What types of analysis do we do, and why?

Before placing your order, read this information and ask us if you have any questions. Make sure of the type of analysis you want to do, since each one of them offers a different information of the analyzed samples.


PETROGRAPHY for crystalline samples. Not valid for opaques samples.

XRF for opaques and crystalline samples.


It is carried out by means of polarized light microscopy in a thin section of the sample. It is used to identify minerals, determine textures, shock grades and weathering grade of meteorites.

It does not provide information on the chemical composition of the sample.


X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is used to determine the chemical composition of the total sample in values of oxides and elements. With this technique we do not obtain photographs, nor do we know the degree of shock or weathering of the samples. 

Special Month Offer Petrographic Analisys.

Now, during these months you can submit batches of samples for PETROGRAPHIC Analysis at the best price. 10 samples, only € 250.

Analysis and Certification of suspected meteorites at the best price.  Take advantage now.

How to send samples to the Laboratory?

Identifying, analyzing and certifying new meteorites requires analysis. Here are the basic steps for sending samples to the lab. Once the sample arrives at the laboratory, it will take some time (generally about 3 weeks) to carry out the analysis, although this time may vary, we ask for your patience. Request the Protocol with all the complete information, in PDF, where you will find all the laboratory conditions. 

Take note every information you have.


Write down the data of your rock. Weight, place and date of discovery or purchase, if known, the coordinates. Any information that is known can be useful to enrich the laboratory report. Don't forget to take clear photos.

Single fragment samples if possible.


Extract with a dremel if possible, a sample of about 20 grams. As much as possible in one piece. Wrap it in cotton and aluminum foil. If there are several samples, do not forget to number them. Write a data note for each.

Request the data for the payment.

Fees payment

Ask us for bank information or PayPal for payment of laboratory taxes. 

Fees 2023; You can choose which type of analysis you need. There are two options; 

PETROGRAPHY (testing & certification); 54 €uros each sample.

XRF ANALYSIS (testing & certification); 90 €uros each sample.

OFFICIAL CLASSIFICATION (in The Meteoritical Bulletin); Ask by mail. (CLICK HERE).

Ask us for information about batch's discounts, and budget for your needs. 

Certify your shipment to ensure it.


Prepare your sample and data in a package for shipment to the lab.

If you will use the postal service, please, send samples to:

José García.

P.O. Box 3.  Agüimes, 35260, Las Palmas, Canary Islands  (Spain).


If you will use some Agency, please contact us to request the shipping address. 


In more than 90% of the cases, the analyzed rocks are considered terrestrial, not meteorites. They are called "meteorwrongs".

We invite you to visit the website on meteorwrongs, from the Washington University in Saint Louis, through this link:



LEGAL NOTICE to all interested parties.

Sending samples to the laboratory is linked to these conditions. 

Dear customer.


Thank you for your interest in our laboratory's services. Please, before starting the procedure for the samples admission, read this agreement carefully, which with binding character, will be effective from the moment we receive your sample.

The admission of samples for study implies acceptance by the client of the clauses contained in this protocol in a contractual manner.  In this way we work to protect the quality of work, the interests of the client and the proper work development of the technical personnel involved.

Read the entire procedure and the information contained here in carefully, because it will be assumed that you have been informed and accept the conditions set forth therein.

FAIRNESS STATEMENT; In this laboratory we work on all the samples with total impartiality, preparing them for the corresponding analyzes and issuing the conclusions that they yield, with total fidelity to the scientific criteria applied in each case. We are aware that many times the results are not as expected by the clients, but they are not going to make up, modify or adapt to anyone's requirements. The results are what they are, and will be communicated with complete rigor and impartiality. This is our most valuable guarantee seal.

1.- ACCEPTANCE.- The client accepts the results provided by the study of the samples sent to us, whether positive or negative, AVOIDING THREATS, INSULTS AND OTHER NO LESS SERIOUS ISSUES that may occur and involve the legal department. We understand that it may not be in good taste to receive a negative report for a sample that is not a meteorite, but the results of the analysis will be decisive. The client always has the option of repeating the analysis (subject to payment of fees), or ordering it from another institution that he deems appropriate. We sincerely appreciate that you do not waste the time of the laboratory personnel with unsubstantiated discussions about undesirable results. There is no point in sending a sample for analysis and discussing the results if they are not what you expect. For our part, these types of discussions will be cut off immediately.  On the other hand, the client will refrain from pressuring, rushing or intimidating the laboratory in any way. He will understand that the times are indicative, and that we know when an analysis begins, but not the end date. Depending on the workload in the laboratory, the results can come out quickly, or take a few months to complete. The client understands and accepts this unconditionally. All communications with our clients are registered in the legal department to guarantee the legitimate rights of all parties.

2.- DONATION OF SAMPLES; We use destructive analytical technique, an important part of the samples will be destroyed in the preparation of the sections and cuts that are required in the work, for which the samples sent for analysis are donated to research. These samples have no commercial value and are only used for further studies and analysis of settlements. This laboratory does not return samples, so we do not accept the reception of complete pieces, unless it is done with this character of a piece donated to research.

3.- SALE OF ROCKS.- Do not send meteorites or stones for us to sell. We do not sell anyone's stones to third parties, we are not sales intermediaries. For this, there is a sales support program that can be consulted at THIS LINK.

4.- CUSTOMER DATA PROTECTION; The personal data provided by the client in the procedure will be used solely for the purpose of communicating the results obtained in the laboratory.

In accordance with the personal data protection laws, these data will not be stored or shared, and will be permanently deleted once the transfer and communication of the laboratory results has been completed. In its replacement, only a serial number will remain that will identify the sample and the analysis, without any link or reference to customer data.

5.- REJECTION.- The identification of meteorites by petrographic techniques does not compromise that advanced techniques may significantly or totally vary the appreciations obtained by petrography. The final official confirmation of the type of each meteorite must be given exclusively in the final classification process, where advanced nuclear techniques are used in the analyzes (geochemistry, isotopes, etc.). However, remember that even if a meteorite is classified as a specific type, it can be reclassified at any time, even after its typology has been made official at The Met. Bull.

6.- OUR LIMITS, ONLY METEORITES.- We work exclusively with astromaterials. Terrestrial rocks are not relevant for the purposes of our services, the valuations being merely indicative. In the analyzes that we will carry out, it will be determined whether or not the samples are meteorites, and in this case of what type. It is not the responsibility of this laboratory or our study protocol to know what types of terrestrial rocks they are.

7.- COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS OUTSIDE OF US.- The commercial transactions carried out by the owners of the rocks are completely outside of this laboratory. The documents issued affect the samples analysed, and we rely on the good will of the merchants in the use they can make of them. We decline all responsibility for the fraudulent or malicious use of any document issued by us.

8.- IMAGE AND PUBLICITY RIGHTS; The laboratory reserves the right to use photographs, microphotographs, analytical results and the like in research work, publicity, social networks, etc., understanding that the samples provided fulfill an educational, scientific and didactic mission. We do not transfer data or clarifications to third parties, since the transactions and analysis requests belong to the private sphere of each person.

9.- PAYMENT OF LABORATORY FEES; The laboratory work and the analyzes carry a cost that the client must pay, via BayPal, Bizum or bank transfer. Below are the updated rates. Request data for payment.

With these legal terms read and accepted, we thank you for your trust and invite you to know all the data and procedures detailed below.

Concluded Lab Works







How long does the study of a sample take?

This question is a serious one, and we are asked it very often. The time it takes to complete the analysis of one or more samples will depend on several factors. Generally, it is usually finished within a period of between 20-60 days after receiving the sample. But if there is backlog of work in the lab, it will be queued until it can be processed. Times are variable, and not conclusive. The times are marked by laboratory work, and external pressures will not exert any benefit. Please, be patient. Don't be continually emailing to find out about your results. When they are ready they will be notified. Check your spam or spam folder.

In the case of geochemical analysis, or classification processes, they can often be concluded between 90-180 days, however there are classifications that take many months, even years. It is important to be patient, since any news in the progress of the processes will be communicated to the client without delay at the time they occur. We appreciate your maximum patience. The laboratory has its times.

What is done with the sample?

All positive samples (which is why complete rocks are not allowed, only samples of them) will be deposited in the repository as a means of determining the documentation that is delivered to the client and that is extensible to the complete part that they have in their possession. These samples, devoid of commercial value, are the testimony of the legal validity of the documentation that will be issued after studying them.

The remains of negative samples are discarded or destined for research and educational purposes.

What to do with your meteorites?

Collecting and selling are the solutions.

Your sample has been examined, it is a meteorite, what can you do now? There are two main possibilities; Collect it or sell it to other collectors.

Our recommendation will always be to collect it, since having a meteorite is something important. Not everyone has a real meteorite. Consider the option of make the official classification to ensure and increase their value. You can check conditions HERE.

On the other hand you can also sell it. We can advise you on the value, sales platforms, etc. We do not buy all the meteorites that are identified. Only once did we carry out an acquisition. The right thing to do is to resort to direct sales platforms and auctions. For this, the document that we attach to the analyses is the guarantee of authenticity in a market where fraud is increasing.

Sell your meteorites in Geocoleccion.

Trust us with your meteorites to get your best sale.

GEOCOLECCION is a provider of international museums, universities and large collectors. If you want to sell your meteorites through our store, contact us for conditions.

We deal directly with our customers, as well as through major sales platforms. Ask us.

Contact us for more information.


Geocoleccion.  P. O. Box 3.  Agüimes, 35260, Las Palmas, Spain.

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