Thin Sections for Research

What is, and Why, a Repository?

Samples in thin section

A repository is a place where samples and information of legitimate, scientific, cultural, technological or ethnographic interest are stored and preserved, with the purpose of keeping them in perfect condition and safe so that they can serve as a basis for documentation and research in the future.
Our repository preserves its own samples and those of others. Not just from thin sections, but fragments of meteorites and other geological samples.
This material is always available (prior approval of the Curator, with justified request) for scientific research by non-destructive procedures.

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Thin Sections Repository.

We're pleasured to share pictures of part of our thin sections repository in high resolution, for consulting.  All these pictures are protected by copyright, so, please, don't forget to mention the source and credits if you use it.   In our laboratory we prepare thin sections for collectors, and polished thin sections for scientific research. 


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Geocoleccion.  P. O. Box 3.  Agüimes, 35260, Las Palmas, Spain.

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