Free Classification Project

For less than 1 kg pieces.

The official classification of meteorites in The Meteoritical Bulletin,  must be done through the procedures established by the Nomenclature Committee of The Meteoritical Society. According to this, the procedures entail the donation of samples (repository). 

As all of you know, an official classification process carries costs, which are generally between $300 and more, depending on the analyzes that need to be carried out.

It is a fairly expensive procedure that begins with sample preparation, preparation of polished sections and thin sections, petrographic and geochemical analysis, and sometimes isotope analysis. Submission to the Nomenclature Committee and official publication in The Meteoritical Bulletin.

Now, in the interest of making it easier for everyone to classify your meteorites, and have them inscribed with your name, we are starting this project FREE OF CHARGE. Only a single condition is required as payment for the entire process; The donation of 50 grams of the meteorite, for scientific research institutions (only for classify meteorites weighing less than 1000 grams. If bigger, please, ask conditions).


Scientific value

Meteorite samples donated for scientific research are archived in repositories and made available to scientists. They are samples without any commercial value, and will contribute to giving value to the owner's meteorite by being officially recognized throughout the world. The most important goal to achieve is to be able to register a meteorite in the official bulletin, thanks to which deep and important analyzes are carried out in international laboratories.

Now with this project we offer a unique opportunity for official classification, free of charge, providing only the requested sample.

Why 50 grams?

This is the medium mass we need to donate as type specimen, and preparation of thin sections for analysis.  

Likewise, with this donated mass, the expenses involved in the entire analysis and classification process are considered to be covered.

If you want to classify your meteorite, contact us for shipping address and data form for classification; 


IMPORTANT;  Only authentic meteorites will be classified after analysis will be done for checking samples. 

For pieces between 1001 and 3000 gr (donation; 200 gr),  3001 to 5000 gr (donation; 200 gr). 5001 and more gr (donation; 400 gr).

How long to see your meteorite officially published?

The Meteoritical Bulletin.

The Meteoritical Bulletin is the official place where meteorites are recorded. It is the maximum guarantee of authenticity, therefore, all the meteorites that are going to be registered will go through a technical process. Once the type specimen is duly deposited, and the analyzes correctly carried out, a Nomenclature Committee will examine the information and vote in favor (or not) of the official publication. It is very important that as much information as possible is collected about the meteorite, to solidly support the request for publication. But it is not known how long this process will take. Sometimes it is done in a few weeks, and sometimes it can take years. It will depend on the review time of the Nomenclature Committee.



Our Classified Meteorites

Here we share some of the meteorites classified from samples arrived to our laboratory. 


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